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Baby clammy

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clam·my (kl m) adj. clam·mi·er, clam·mi·est. 1. Disagreeably moist, sticky, and cold to the touch: a clammy handshake. 2. Damp and unpleasant: clammy weather.
Are your baby's hands and feet clammy (sp?) ??: I was just wondering if anyone else's baby's have clammy hands and feet. The nurse said it's because they are the

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Baby clammy

Are your baby's hands and feet clammy.
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My 8 week out baby recently often has very clammy hands and feet - is this normal? I remember his sister having cold hands and feet as a baby, but not damp and sweaty.
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Medical Term for Clammy Crying baby - Newborn care at.

Baby clammy