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Can i take lemsip and codeine phosphate

Lemsip -
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  • Dihydrocodeine and Codeine... safe to.

  • 29.06.2007  Best Answer: It is opiod analgesic, a prescription only drug. It is effective for the relief of mild to moderate pain. Also use for diarrhea and cough

    Is taking 240mg of codeine phosphate in.

    Can i take lemsip and codeine phosphate

    What class drug is codeine phosphate?.

    Lemsip -

    What Can Take On Airplane Lemsip -
    01.03.2009  Best Answer: Yes, it is potentially very dangerous. The normal adult dosing is 15-60mg every 4-6 hours. The maximum in one dose should not exceed 60mg. The
    Can you take codeine phosphate and.

    Can i take lemsip and codeine phosphate

    Life and Style > Health Or not? purple drank ima grip n sip (Originally Posted by HearTheThunder ) Or not? No, I would put both of these under the same
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    Yes, you can take as much as you like up to about 300mg, after that a lot of factors come into play about jow many mg/kg of codeine will be toxic - health, tolerance
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