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things to put as my bio for xbox live

Top 10 Things Female Gamers Hear on Xbox.
Things You Must Know About The Xbox:.
A friend of mine's bio used to say, "Loading" My current bio is a collection of things I've come up with randomly. The main body was just some BS I came up with

things to put as my bio for xbox live

My Life After Loss xbox 360 funny bios - My Things - My Things -
  • xbox 360 funny bios -

  • xbox 360 funny bios -

    Funny Bio on Xbox LIVE - YouTube

    How to make a cool bio Xbox 360 - 4 EASY.
    My friend and his funny bio. Yeah actually I do "KNOW* him, we go to the same school and are both seniors in High School.
    The first thing you should do, after modding an Xbox, is BACK UP THE HARD DRIVE!!! The next thing you should do is BACK UP THE EEPROM!!! There never has been, nor
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    Here are some suggestions of things you can place in the box: 1. ASCII art 2. _____ has been kidnapped by ninja`s 3. _____ is watching you! 4. _____feels like getting
    Hey!! Welcome again. In this video you'll learn how to make a cool bio for your profile. You can see the steps in the video but anyway here you can see the
    As a female gamer, you hear a lot of different comments on Xbox Live from random players. It doesn’t take you long to realize that the majority of jerks on Live are

    things to put as my bio for xbox live

    How to put cool things in your info box.